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Why Relationships Need Quality Time

Spending time with one another is really vital and beneficial.

According to research, one of the main reasons why most marriages fail is that couples fail to appreciate the necessity of spending quality time together.

When you spend time with someone and then lose interest and focus on something else, you are effectively withdrawing your time — and, to them, your affection. Show genuine interest in what they're saying or how they're feeling. Listen to them and observe them.

Quality time entails giving our undivided attention and time to the person we care about. It entails giving our complete attention and focus to our particular someone, removing all distractions, and informing them that they are appreciated through this gift of time.

Spending time with the person you care about will bring you health, joy, and happiness.

If you don't feel like your partner is offering you the affection you deserve, kindly let them know.

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