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Romance Gift Ideas for Him

Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

Romance means different things to different people, but in general, most people enjoy receiving a gift that you have clearly put some thought into with a romantic intention in mind.

Gift-giving is one of the 5 languages of love outlined by Dr. Gary Chapman, the noted marriage counsellor. It may not be your husband's main love language (there are four others), but in general, a gift shows you care even if it sometimes misses the mark.

Here are some romantic gift ideas for him. Romantic Gifts for Him There are a number of gifts men find romantic (even if you don’t think they are) and would really appreciate.

An old-fashioned shaving set

The set should come with a mug, fluffy brush, and holder.

A Swiss army knife

Think what he will use it for, how thick and heavy it will be, and see if the ones you have your eye on come with the incredibly useful scissors feature. If it does, buy a couple of packs of scissor replacement springs.

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A day planner

Some people still like paper to write down appointments, notes and more. Larger format planners are now large enough to hold an iPhone or an iPad if you want a combination planner and sturdy cover.

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