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Be Affectionate With Your Wife

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
Romans 12:10

If things between you and your wife do not seem to be as good as they once were, maybe you need to learn how to be affectionate with your wife. You don't get it, what happened? It seems like just yesterday everything was going great and now, she seems like she couldn't care less about your marriage.

You have read enough books and heard enough advice on TV and the internet to know that if you do not give a woman the affection she needs or give her the wrong kind of affection. She will fall out of love with you. To stop this from happening, you need to learn the difference between giving her the affection she needs and giving her the wrong kind of affection.

The affection a woman needs from a man is not as complicated as it might seem. She needs you to pay attention when she speaks and offer up some kind of contribution to the conversation, like giving her positive feedback on what she is saying.

If she feels ignored, she will get bored and move on. So if you been having a problem at work or other area of your life, and are preoccupied when you are at home, talk to her, tell her about it, keep her in the loop. It is vitally important that she feel needed. Also, when talking to her keep eye contact and touch her on the hand or arm. She will feel more connected to you when you do this.

Other ways regarding how to be affectionate with your wife are, hold hands wherever you go and whatever you are doing, offer to brush her hair before bed,

surprise her by sending flowers to her at work for absolutely no reason. Slip a card or note into her lunch bag telling her how much you love her.

Affection does not always have to be some grand gesture on your part or her part, a touch here, a smile when she comes home, ask her about her day, cook dinner and then do the dishes afterward, let her relax. Or, make plans to do something she likes to do.

Take a look at the relationship and how to be affectionate with your wife and make the changes if any are needed. If you do not see anything that needs to be changed then ask your wife if there is anything you can be doing differently.

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