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Enhance and Mend Relationships

Express your hurts and needs.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. Ephisians 4:32

Express choices that you made. It may be hard to do but say that you are sorry.

“What are your expectations of each other?”

Be compassionate and forgiving toward one another, just as God was merciful to you through Christ. Have you considered adjusting yourself once you've considered what is expected of each other? Are you constantly bugging others. Your partner didn't wed their mom.

But I'm bothered by this, you say. Here's an illustration: Instead of placing dirty clothing in the washing basket, your partner scatters them on the floor. You are upset because you already expressed your opinion to them over the clothes on the floor. once you have told him. Find the garments behind him and gather them. They won't pick up the garments themselves right away; it can take some time. But they will ultimately get the message. This requires some time.

Become Friends With Your Mate

Read a couple's devotional together to spend time with one another. Consider the activities you enjoyed doing with each other when you first met. What activities have you two yet to try?

When you have friends, you put their needs ahead of your own. You get the opportunity to talk about anything is on your mind and let anything off your chest when you go for a walk with each other. It requires spending time together in a meaningful way.

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