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15 Powerful Prayer Points to Pray for Your Husband


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Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Pray for his salvation and spiritual development. Request that God draw him closer to Himself and assist him in growing in faith, love, and obedience.

Please pray for his health and happiness. Request that God keep him safe from harm, disease, or injury, and that he heals him of any physical, mental, or emotional concerns.

Pray for his wisdom and direction. Request that God grant him the mentality of Christ and guide him in making appropriate decisions for himself, his family, and his job.

Pray for his authority and leadership. Ask God to give him the strength he needs to be a godly leader in your home, church, and community. Respect his authority as the head of your household and submit to it as unto the Lord.

Please pray for his provision. Ask God to bless him with enough resources to cover your necessities while also being generous to others. Thank Him for His faithfulness and provision in your lives.

Please pray for his character and integrity. In all his dealings, ask God to help him be honest, faithful, loyal, and trustworthy. Pray that he would keep his word and be a man after God's own heart.

Pray for his purity and holiness. Ask God to keep him from any temptation or sin that would defile his body, mind, or spirit. Pray that he would flee from sexual immorality and lust and that he would honor you as his wife.

Please pray for his serenity and joy. Ask God to fill him with His peace that surpasses all understanding and His unfathomable and glorious pleasure. Pray for him not to be troubled or sad, but to cast all his troubles on the Lord.

Pray for his affection and love. Ask God to help him love you in the same way that Christ loved the church and gave His life for her. Pray that he will love, respect, honor, and romance you as his bride.

Pray for him to communicate and understand. Request that God assist him in listening to you with empathy and compassion, as well as speaking to you with kindness and gentleness. Pray that he will not be harsh or criticizing, but would instead use his words to build you up.

Please pray for his friendship and company. Solicit God's assistance in making him your best friend and life partner. Pray that he enjoys spending time with you, sharing his thoughts and feelings, and doing activities with you.

Please pray for his safety and deliverance. Ask God to protect him from any harm or danger that may come his way or that of your family. Pray for him to be strong in the Lord and in the might of His might, and to put on all of God's armor.

Pray for his hopes and dreams. Ask God to grant him his heart's desires in accordance with His will and purpose for him. Pray for him to pursue his passions and abilities and to use them for God's glory.

Please keep his ministry and service in your prayers. Ask God to assist him in discovering and utilizing his calling and gifts within the community of Christ. Pray that he will serve the Lord with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength and bear great fruit for His kingdom.

Prayer point:

Pray for his humility and gratitude: Request that God help him be humble before Him and others, knowing that everything he has comes from Him. Pray for him to be thankful in all circumstances and to praise God for His goodness and mercy.

Ask God to help him forgive those who have injured or insulted him and seek

forgiveness from those who have hurt or offended him. Pray that he would be nice and sensitive to everyone and will not have any bitterness or hatred in his heart.

Pray for his faithfulness: Request that God assist him in remaining faithful to you, God, and his commitments. Please pray that he will not give in.

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