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12 Things Wives Can Do for Their Husbands for A Happy Marriage

I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine… Song of Solomon 6:3

  • Communicate effectively: Share your thoughts, feelings, and needs with your husband, and listen to his as well. Be honest, respectful, and supportive in your communication.

  • Support his goals: Encourage and cheer for your husband’s dreams and aspirations. Help him overcome obstacles and celebrate his achievements.

  • Spend quality time: Make time for each other and enjoy activities that you both love. Show interest in his hobbies and passions, and invite him to join yours.

  • Compromise: Be willing to give and take in your relationship. Respect each other’s opinions, preferences, and find a middle ground that works for both of you.

  • Create a positive atmosphere: Be cheerful, optimistic, and grateful in your marriage. Avoid nagging, criticizing, or complaining. Express appreciation and affection often.

  • Encourage his growth: Support your husband’s personal and professional development. Help him learn new skills, pursue new interests, and improve his well-being.

  • Trust him: Have faith in your husband’s abilities, decisions, and intentions. Avoid jealousy, suspicion, or control. Respect his privacy and independence.

  • Celebrate with him: Acknowledge and appreciate your husband’s efforts and accomplishments. Congratulate him on his successes and milestones. Show him how proud you are of him.

  • Respect him: Treat your husband with dignity, courtesy, and kindness. Value his opinions, feelings, and choices. Honor his role and responsibilities in the family.

  • Be loyal: Be faithful and devoted to your husband. Avoid flirting, cheating, or betraying his trust. Protect your marriage from any threats or temptations.

  • Spice up your intimacy: Keep the romance and passion alive in your marriage. Initiate and respond to your husband’s sexual needs and desires. Try new things and have fun in the bedroom.

  • Take care of yourself: Maintain your physical, mental, and emotional health. Dress well, groom yourself, and stay fit. Be confident, happy, and attractive.

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