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Judith McNaught Remember When PDF: How to Enjoy This Romantic Thriller on Your Device

Judith McNaught Remember When PDF Download: A Guide for Romance Lovers

If you are a fan of romance novels, you have probably heard of Judith McNaught. She is one of the most popular and acclaimed authors in the genre, with over 30 million copies sold worldwide. Her books are known for their captivating plots, complex characters, and emotional intensity.

judith mcnaught remember when pdf download

One of her best-selling books is Remember When, a contemporary romance that was published in 1996. It tells the story of Diana Foster, a successful magazine editor who has to face her past when she meets Cole Harrison, a wealthy businessman who was once her lover. As they rekindle their passion, they also have to deal with secrets, lies, and danger.

If you are interested in reading this book, you might be wondering how to get it in PDF format. In this article, we will show you how to download Judith McNaught Remember When PDF legally and safely, what are the benefits of reading it in PDF format, and what else you can expect from this book. We will also give you some suggestions for other books by Judith McNaught and other similar books that you might enjoy.

A Brief Summary of Judith McNaught Remember When

Before we tell you how to download Judith McNaught Remember When PDF, let's give you a quick overview of what the book is about. Here are some of the main aspects of the story:

  • The main characters are Diana Foster and Cole Harrison. Diana is a smart, independent, and ambitious woman who runs a successful magazine called Mode. Cole is a handsome, rich, and powerful man who owns a multinational corporation called Harrison Industries.

  • The book starts with a flashback to 12 years ago, when Diana and Cole met at a charity ball and fell in love. They had a passionate affair that ended abruptly when Cole left Diana without an explanation.

  • In the present day, Diana is engaged to marry Eric Vernon, a wealthy and influential politician who is running for governor. However, she still has feelings for Cole, who reappears in her life when he buys Mode magazine.

  • Cole wants Diana back, but he also has a hidden agenda. He is involved in a dangerous scheme that involves his rival company, Vernon Enterprises, which is owned by Eric's father.

  • The book has several twists and turns that reveal secrets from both Diana's and Cole's pasts. They have to overcome many obstacles and challenges before they can find their happy ending.

  • The book explores themes such as love, trust, betrayal, forgiveness, family, ambition, and power.

A Review of Judith McNaught Remember When

Now that you have a general idea of what the book is about, let's see what makes it a good read. Here are some of the pros and cons of Judith McNaught Remember When:

  • The book has a strong plot that keeps you hooked from the first page to the last. It has a perfect balance of romance, suspense, drama, and humor. It also has some unexpected twists that keep you guessing and surprised.

  • The book has well-developed characters that you can relate to and care about. Diana and Cole are both flawed but likable protagonists who have realistic motivations and emotions. They have a great chemistry and a sizzling romance that makes you root for them.

  • The book has a beautiful writing style that flows smoothly and elegantly. Judith McNaught has a way with words that makes you feel every emotion and every scene. She also uses witty dialogue and vivid descriptions that enhance the story.

  • The book has a satisfying ending that wraps up everything nicely and gives you a sense of closure. It also has an epilogue that shows you how the characters' lives turned out after the main events.

  • The book has some minor weaknesses that might bother some readers. For example, some parts of the story might seem unrealistic or clichéd, such as the coincidences, the misunderstandings, or the villains. Some readers might also find the book too long or too detailed, especially in the middle section.

Other Books by Judith McNaught

If you enjoyed Judith McNaught Remember When, you might want to check out her other books. She has written more than 20 novels in different genres, such as historical romance, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. Here are some of her most popular books:

  • Whitney, My Love: A historical romance set in Regency England, it tells the story of Whitney Stone, a spirited and rebellious young woman who falls in love with Clayton Westmoreland, the Duke of Claymore. However, their relationship is complicated by their families' feud, their social differences, and their own pride.

  • Perfect: A contemporary romance set in modern America, it tells the story of Julie Mathison, a successful teacher who is kidnapped by Zachary Benedict, a former movie star who was wrongly convicted of murder. As they escape from the law and their enemies, they also discover their true feelings for each other.

  • Every Breath You Take: A paranormal romance set in present-day Chicago, it tells the story of Kate Donovan, a social worker who meets Mitchell Wyatt, a mysterious billionaire who claims to be her soulmate. However, their romance is threatened by a murder investigation that implicates Mitchell as the prime suspect.

You can find more information about Judith McNaught's books on her official website:

Other Similar Books to Judith McNaught Remember When

If you are looking for more books like Judith McNaught Remember When, you might want to try these other romance novels that have similar elements or appeal:






Celeste Bradley

A historical romance set in Victorian England, it tells the story of Miranda Albright, a young widow who poses as a governess to spy on James Cunnington, a secret agent who is looking for a traitor. However, their mutual attraction soon leads to complications and dangers.

Download Breathless PDF

The Wedding Date

Jasmine Guillory

A contemporary romance set in modern California, it tells the story of Alexa Monroe, a successful lawyer who agrees to be Drew Nichols' fake girlfriend for his ex's wedding. However, their fake relationship soon turns into something real and unexpected.

Download The Wedding Date PDF

Dark Lover

J.R. Ward

A paranormal romance set in present-day New York, it tells the story of Beth Randall, a journalist who discovers that she is the daughter of a vampire king. She also meets Wrath, the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, a group of vampire warriors who protect their kind from their enemies.


In conclusion, Judith McNaught Remember When is a great book for romance lovers who enjoy a mix of passion, suspense, and drama. It has a captivating plot, complex characters, and beautiful writing that will keep you engaged and entertained.

If you want to read this book, you can download it in PDF format from this link: Download Judith McNaught Remember When PDF. You can also find other books by Judith McNaught and other similar books that you might like from the links we provided above.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If you did, please share it with your friends and leave us a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on Judith McNaught Remember When and other romance books.

Thank you for reading and happy reading!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Judith McNaught Remember When and romance books in general:

  • Is Judith McNaught Remember When a standalone book or part of a series?

Judith McNaught Remember When is a standalone book that can be read independently. However, it is loosely connected to some of her other books, such as Paradise, Perfect, Night Whispers, and Someone to Watch Over Me. These books share some characters or settings, but they have different stories and timelines.

  • What is the reading level of Judith McNaught Remember When?

Judith McNaught Remember When is suitable for adult readers who are 18 years old or older. It contains explicit sexual scenes, violence, and mature themes that might not be appropriate for younger readers.

  • How long does it take to read Judith McNaught Remember When?

Judith McNaught Remember When has 432 pages in the paperback edition. The average reading speed is about 250 words per minute. Therefore, it would take about 7 hours to read the whole book. Of course, this may vary depending on your reading pace and interest.

  • What are some tips for writing a good romance book?

Some tips for writing a good romance book are:

  • Create interesting and relatable characters that have chemistry and conflict.

  • Develop a compelling plot that has tension, twists, and obstacles.

  • Use a captivating writing style that shows rather than tells.

  • Add some humor, emotion, and dialogue to spice up the story.

  • Follow the basic structure of a romance book: introduction, attraction, complication, climax, resolution.

  • Where can I find more resources on romance books?

Some resources on romance books are:

  • Romance Writers of America: A professional association for romance writers that offers education, networking, and advocacy.



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