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[S1E11] Wake The Dead ##VERIFIED##

At the beginning, a group of masked people enter a safe manufacturing company with a bottle of water, guns and explosives. Shooting two people dead, they open a safe, photograph the inside of it, then set off exploding boxes. They shoot and kill some of the employees in the room as they leave.

[S1E11] Wake the Dead

After they start to look around, Sylvester tells Walter that he feels this sort of case is not something that they are built for. Seconds after this, while trying to rearrange some cardboard boxes, Sylvester accidentally touches one of the explosives that the criminals left behind. It explodes, throwing Sylvester through that air. The team soon learns that Sylvester is in critical condition, and they won't know the extent of the injuries until he wakes up. Walter asks his sister, Megan, who is doing physical therapy at the same hospital that Sylvester is in, to keep track of his progress while team Scorpion investigates the crime and tries to catch the people who injured their friend.

After his surgery, Sly is wheeled into a hospital room while Megan worriedly looks on. Megan asks his doctor how Sylvester is and the doctor explained that he is stabilized, but they won't know the extent of his brain functions until he wakes up. Megan grateful for the news and the doctor states that the situation could have been worse, because a piece of shrapnel, which should have gone into his heart, lodged in his sternum instead. Megan tells the surgeon that Walter will want to see the piece of shrapnel.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Megan is begging Sylvester to wake up. He shifts his head and she hopefully calls his name, only for him to start seizing. Megan is on the phone explaining to Walter that Sylvester suffered a grand mal seizure due to the swelling of his brain.

In the boys' locker room, Mitch Fargo, Cordelia's boyfriend, is attacked by a floating baseball bat. Cordelia is outside campaigning for May Queen. As Xander and Willow mock Cordelia, Buffy feels left out and explains to them that she was the May Queen at her old school. The conversation ends when it's discovered that Mitch has been beaten up. Principal Snyder arrives, confirming Mitch isn't dead. Before Mitch is taken to the hospital, he explains what happened but refuses to let Buffy into the crime scene. Willow and Xander distract him, allowing Buffy to slip into the locker room. The word 'look' is spray painted on to the lockers.

Buffy wakes up, tied to a chair next to Cordelia. They see the word 'learn' written on a curtain. Marcie explains that Cordelia is the lesson, or she will be after she plans to make a mockery of Cordelia's face by surgery. Buffy kicks the tray with the surgical tools on and manages to free herself from the ropes. Angel rescues the other Scoobies and turns off the gas. Buffy concentrates, listening for Marcie and knocks her into a curtain before knocking her out. Two FBI agents, who of course aren't exactly forthcoming with the details, arrive to take Marcie away.

Trey is revealed to have been in a coma for several months due to his gunshot wound. When he awakens, he is blackmailed by Julie Cooper into telling the authorities that Ryan rather than Marissa shot him. However, Marissa eventually convinces Trey to tell the truth. Facing a broken relationship with Ryan and believing his brother would be better off without him, Trey is last seen on a bus leaving Newport for Las Vegas. His ex-girlfriend Jess later re-appears, begging Ryan to help her with some boyfriend troubles. She tells Ryan that Trey is working as a blackjack dealer. While Ryan is at Jess' house, Trey calls on the phone, but Ryan refuses to speak to him. Later, Trey sends him a birthday gift of a toy Chevrolet Camaro like the one they stole in the pilot episode.

On this episode of the T. J. Thorpe Show. So January 31 basketball game gets Middle Creek right knee kind of caves in. But the next day swollen all that go for? M. R. I come back torn A. C. L. Completely torn. Not like on the top or the bottom right in the middle, completely torn, definitely slowed down my recruiting and it's been tough but I'm gonna try to come back and you can't say this obviously but I can because I've already played, I don't think you guys won enough games where you don't need a great quarterback, what's going on? Everybody? It's T. J thorpe and you're tuned in to another episode of the T. J. Thorpe show. And on this episode again I came back, I'm I keep making, you know, round trips I guess. But I'm back at Panther creek here in cary north Carolina and I'm with uh a really outstanding young man. Um I heard this story personally and it spoke to me being somebody who's battled a lot of injuries, but just the fact that I can't understand why he wouldn't be at the top of everybody's bored. But without further ado we have a Mario TEM, panther creek quarterback, starting point guard, all world baseball, basketball football. You can't beat me in golf though. But outside of that man, it's it's a pleasure you know to have you here. Um It's a pleasure to take the time, but let's just jump jump right on into it. Talking about how you you got into sports? Obviously you didn't shy away from any sport. So why what is your favorite sport? We'll start there and then Lord, it's gonna be a difficult episode, y'all I can tell you now this boy like everything. Okay so football will stick to football. How did you get into football? Football? You know growing up in California, me and my brother, we always did all the sports, everything you could think of. But football stuck out to me because you know, I found out my pops played football at the highest level so you know, I just kind of stay with it and I knew there was something I want to do from a young age and I just just stuck with me. So you mentioned Pops played football, where did he play college pro? He played that cow cal Berkeley up in Oakland California area and then he played come back down home to san Diego where he's from. And also played in the Cfl Canadian football league. There you go shout out to the cfl I know I got cfl ties, I know your dad probably knows what a good poutine is. So so there you go. So right then and there as you can see it doesn't stop, I'm telling y'all now I met his family doesn't stop at Pops talk about your mom mom had women's basketball coach been all over U. C. L. A cal. Duke back home California now Central played at cal that's where they met played overseas, played in the W. N. B. A. Houston comments. Miami soul. She's been, she's been a lot of places. Her mom is really the athlete. Everybody else just kind of falls in line. Everybody say that. But I mean we all got it, we all got it here. Okay. So you mentioned, do you mentioned a lot of the schools and try and go, did she coach at Carolina? She did coach at Carolina. I knew I liked your mom, I knew I liked your mom. 2012 2014, number one recruiting class Carolina. Uh, and so we can expect, obviously she knows she knows about recruiting both of your parents. Um, and then here you are on that same track, you know, highly recruited guy. Um, and then, so let's, let's get into, did you play pop Warner in the area? I didn't, so we moved with her with her job. We moved back and forth around every four years. So I couldn't play pop Warner here, but I did play uh, Darren Firebirds for a couple of years. I played Oak Grove Pirates. But back home in California testing. Cobra's Irvine charges all that shout out shout charges. Firebirds. Coach christian, one of my homeboys coaching the 14 years over there. So hopefully we can get us a championship. Um, so then you, when did you fallen over? Have you always been a quarterback or I know you're tall guys? You might have been a receiver? I don't know. Uh, are you just always been under center? So uh the first time we was out here in California about 2010 for Firebirds. I was playing quarterback. So when we moved back out to California testing, cobras are, my charger was a tight end D. N. And a running back. So that so that was where I love to carry the ball. You know, getting getting little moves in when I moved back out here and play for Oak Grove, I did switch the quarterback. And ever since then I've been I've been quarterback first love. So scott and report everybody at Jordan high school. So I got him I got him to tell on himself. There you go, Jordan high school scott and report everybody in the area. Reason y'all can't bring him down is because your boy was a running back. So there you go. So now we keep the pocket open. I mean, don't collapse on them, you know, stay in your lanes. All that good stuff. Alright, so you play quarterback, you what makes you a great better yet? What made quarterback stand out to me quarterback stood out because they gotta know every position on the field, like what you know what everybody's doing. And they also got to know what the defense is doing to make the right read to get the to get the ball in the end zone, you gotta put points on the board. So growing up cam Newton cam Newton was my guy kind of comparison to him being 65. So just cam his energy on the field just knowing what everybody's doing trying to put the ball into his own. Winning. Most importantly, that's just kinda what stuck out to me as a quarterback. We're gonna put you on the spot. Uh Panther creek right now, give me one of y'all not, they don't give me the name. Give me the concept, so to speak. I say weak side. We gotta hitch, hitch in the corner, strong side. We've got a corner from the slot and then a post backside post, mainly for a cover to try to put nothing out there but cover two. I'll take the snap drop back, try to look up that cover to safety, given the bottom that weak side corner and then hit the post coming through the middle. So, since you talked about knowing everything what everybody does, you talk about the two receivers, you talked about what the defense is going to do or what you're trying to get them to do. All right, So tell me protection wise, because obviously if they ain't blocking you ain't throwing. So tell me protection wise what type of protection you got for that play. Why? That's important. And then maybe go through what you might tell your running back to make sure you pick up a blitz or something. So, protection wise, Olen getting getting a deep drop because I'm taking my five step drop to get the reeds. So protection wise old lines doing their five step, I'm gonna tell my running back depends on what the linebackers are doing. If they're biting on the on the hitches outside they're going to the flats, I'm telling check release as in he gonna check, see if anybody any extra defenders are coming linebackers corners and he's gonna release to the strong side. What would make you go right to that running back right now if that backside safety that strong side safety in the cover to if he doesn't bite on the post in that corner, stays home with the corner, I know that that linebackers not getting to that running back in the flat. So I'm gonna dump it off to him. He got easy first down and so he's probably not getting to that uh to that running back because he's most likely drop down. So as you can see we're just getting started just getting started. The young man knows exactly what he's supposed to do, knows what your son is supposed to do, knows what your friend's son is supposed to do and knows what your homegirl son is supposed to do to. Um um And why, because as you spoke to the intelligence piece, this isn't something that just you started overnight, it's something you grew through. Um and obviously invest a lot of time and so kudos to you. Um So now we get into two panther creek in itself? Obviously you didn't start there? I want to hit you right now. Oh, I wanna hit him right now. So so you started where I did start my freshman year at Joint high school in Durham Ak here school. That's what I said, that's what I said. Yeah, yeah, that's what I said. Okay, go ahead. But then Covid happened, you know, in the freshman year in the 2020. Hey, Covid gave me an opportunity to come over here, so I took the opportunity. Covid happened, came over here. Uh Coach Crocker, football coach coach Taiwan basketball coach. They welcomed him with open arms. Came over here. I got one, I got one. Yes, whoa, they welcome with open arms coming to my sophomore year, but as you know, the season season basketball season was before football, you know, that didn't happen till 2021, but you know, I've been here ever since um kind of making a change here. But yeah, no, I'm aware you've been here ever since and it's frustrating um Because of that, we're not covering anymore panther Creek games. Alright, so you mentioned, you know, I'm I'm jealous that you you're a two sport athlete, three sport athlete probably do something else. Um but but I'm jealous because you're obviously not in Jordan and and and I know I'm entitled to that rightfully. So, but I want you to tell them why I'm jealous and I'll make that make sense. Um What types of things do you bring to the table as a quarterback and as a leader as a quarterback? I think I just bring the energy up from everybody. Keep the positive spirits up. If somebody's doing something wrong, I'm gonna lift them up, make them know it's next play, next play mentality always going, always gonna move forward to the next play. And just as an athlete, as a quarterback, I'm gonna just try to keep, keep something going, something out there. I'm gonna try to make something happen and, you know, just try to win the biggest thing always when, when, and, and obviously y'all done a good bit of that. I mean, it's not like y'all out here not making the playoffs, not going to 2nd, 3rd round of playoffs. Um, but but that's the, a lot of the intangibles. Um you mentioned, you talked about the team and how they feel and and their spirits throughout the game. Why is that important as a leader? Um to make sure that those around you are playing at a high level or have good spirits. That's important to me just because everybody gonna be on the same page in order to win. So if somebody's doing that thing, trying to be away from the group from the team aspect of it, then it's not gonna work out, we're not gonna go as far as we want to, we're not going to win as many games, not gonna put as much points on the board. So I'm just trying to get everybody as the one page one sound, just try to do as much as we can together. I love one page one sound for those of a little older. You watch Drumline anyway. Okay. So y'all know I'd be playing and doing a little bit, but, so, so then you get into that, you're making plays energy, you're leading, you're doing all the right things. Um, and then obviously you have some, some, some unfortunate things out of your control happen. Part of football, part of the game is injury. So I go through my little spiel here. So obviously my career was cut short due to injury. Um, when entire football career from four years old up until high school actually my senior year, I might have sprained my ankle once right and missed the game against Green Hope. And this was like, Oh and 20 green hope to, so I was like, I hadn't missed the season up. You know, I go to Carolina, freshman all American returning kicks, all that good stuff. Right? And then I finally get struck with some adversity. Um, so I break my foot, my fifth met, breaking going into my sophomore year. So I missed my first football season or any season for that matter, any sport since I was four years old. Um, so that was my first time ever going through that. And so I know the mental toll it took on me, you know, I wasn't traveling with the team, I wasn't able to get in and reps, there's people playing behind me that I know, you know aren't doing the job the way that I would do it, so to speak. Um but but I always think about, you know, fighting to get back, what it took, you know, the chip I had on my shoulder, you know, the grind I had and then to have that happen again and again, so three times, right? Um and then just kind of derailed, you know, you have the hamstring here, all the things that come with football, but the one thing that always kept me saying, the one thing that always kept me going was I knew I had that opportunity to play next year, I had that opportunity, I was on scholarship, I was there, my teammates around me, but you're in the situation now, um you're a highly recruited guy, uh you know, the ones one double a, you know, whatever you wanna call them and they all know exactly who you are and what you bring to the table, but you were faced with a little bit of adversity yourself, Talk about what happened to you in january um coming into your senior year, talk about the mindset, it's put you in um and then we'll kind of go from there and have a conversation about what's going on in mars world, So january 31st basketball game against Middle Creek. Uh I don't like to say this, but I get ripped like my God. I tried to uh recover and get it back. Uh try to go for the block. I land awkward on my right right leg, right knee kind of caves in. But uh next day swollen. All that. Tell the trainer tested out. He doesn't think it's anything serious. So I just feel a swollen knee two days later and the rest of the season, basketball season, I played all the way to the state championship. Stop. I was always taught with everybody. You're supposed to know the difference between hurt and injured. Now granted as an athlete, you probably shouldn't, you know, you wouldn't know that. But there's a difference between hurt and injured, injured means you cannot play hurt means put some dirt on it. Band aid, bend it and let's roll. So there's some of your trainers out there who may not want to hear that too bad. You're playing football. That's what happens or any sport that's the way it should be. And I know I'm saying the right thing because I got people behind me nodding their head yes. And they know more about sports than everybody out here. So with that being said, you're telling me you went through from april to I'm sorry january to april or december. Really? To april with the tornadoes. Yeah. Still playing, Still playing at a high level, very high level. All right, go ahead, go ahead. I'm sorry. We're gonna call you Wolverine after this to play through that. Although a state championship in basketball unfortunately lose but played through that. Had a good game player I would say another month on it with a you Garner road, play a few tournaments on that. Finally get it checked out about to start the program. Finally get it checked out. It was like no, you gotta get any checked out. We don't want to start till then go for M. R. I come back torn A. C. L. Completely torn. Not like on the top or the bottom like right in the middle completely torn and got a little long scar here. Uh Yeah, so I heard my cl January then gets 30 to April 29 and unfortunately Mr football season this year, my senior year. So to take away from this. So first you tell your ceo and then you take your your your high school team to the state championship on the 20th year. Who did y'all play play wedding wedding? Oh this is even better Anthony boom. Yeah you guys y'all y'all barely one understand that the man had a hurt wheel. So you know if he has that wheel right? I don't even got to say that your kids enjoy your state championship but you know what's real anyway. So then you go from there you go play at a high level, you're gonna state championship and then you say, okay that's not enough. I'm gonna go play you now because you're an athlete, you do jumping sport to sport the sport because you love to compete right? And so you do all of this and then you find out all crap but it's fully torn. So because of all the time you spent playing and leading and competing and doing all those things through i


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