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Ghosthunter !FULL!

It turns out that there is a nice Javascript library called ghosthunter which is based on lunr.js and in effect provides a very easy full-text search implementation for Ghost (and not only). It actually took me less than 5 mins to replace the Tapir search with GhostHunter. Since I suspect that this may interest some of you out there, until a proper search solution is provided by Ghost, I will show you how to add GhostHunter to your Ghost blog.


Navigate to the path that contains your theme's js files. It should look similar to this root\content\themes\\assets\js, where is the name of your current Ghost theme. For reference, I use a slightly modified Casper theme. Place your ghosthunter.min.js file in that path.

Now we need to reference the ghosthunter.min.js file in the default.hbs file, located at the root of your theme. Open the file and add the following line of code after ghost_foot: 041b061a72


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