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Buy Platinum Engagement Ring

One of the highlights of our extensive ring selection is our platinum engagement rings. Guaranteed to blow you away with their brilliance and durability, these unique platinum engagement rings for women and men come in a variety of styles, including traditional and vintage, and can be customized to your exact specifications.

buy platinum engagement ring


Platinum engagement rings are an incredibly popular option for a lifetime commitment because of their beautiful white luster and lifelong durability. These styles of rings are a fairly new addition to the jewelry market, having only been around since the 19th century. Platinum engagement bands have taken the world by storm because of their beauty and longevity. Platinum is one of the rarest metals on the planet, making it one of the most expensive rings you can get, but the investment is worth it because of its purity, hypoallergenic properties, and strength.

Platinum engagement rings are a popular choice because they are easy to maintain, of a higher quality than many other mainstream metals, and a great choice for people who have sensitive skin. Platinum is also naturally radiant and extremely resilient, which makes it a perfect ring to wear every day, no matter your day job. Look no further than our platinum diamond rings to stand out with a sparkle. Because of platinum's bright white color, any gemstone will look gorgeous with it, but especially diamonds.

An iconic choice for engagement rings, platinum is the ideal backdrop for her diamond. Its cool white sheen reflects maximum light. More durable than gold, this exceptionally rare precious metal yields stunning jewelry pieces. Its sleek sophistication provides a fresh, fashion-forward feel to compliment her style.

The rarest metal used in jewelry, platinum, is five times more scarce than yellow gold. The lustrous metal has the highest density of any fine metal. While platinum develops a natural patina over time, a quick polish will return it to its original luster. The metal's remarkable strength also ensures impressive durability that will stand the test of time.

Unlike white gold, naturally white platinum engagement rings don't require regular re-plating to prevent a yellow hue. The metal's pale lustrous color is classically beautiful, and its hypoallergenic nature makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

Physically identical to traditionally mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds look spectacular in platinum engagement rings. Prized for their scintillating sparkle and minimal environmental impact, these gorgeous gemstones truly shine amid reflective pale platinum. Whether you prefer a timeless solitaire or dazzling double halo, our platinum engagement rings radiate budget-friendly beauty.

Bring a formidable flair to their finger with an elegant platinum moissanite engagement ring. Surpassing the sparkle of a diamond and almost as hard, moissanite is a smart diamond alternative for modern brides-to-be. Paired with lustrous platinum, the stunning radiance is intensified creating a truly remarkable effect.

Because platinum rings are heavier, rarer, and more pure than gold, they are more valuable. Even though pure gold may be more expensive per ounce, because platinum is denser, more of it is used when making a ring. Additionally, platinum rings are usually 95% pure platinum, while 14k gold is only 58.5% gold (18k gold is 75% gold).

Despite being more durable, platinum is actually a softer metal than 14k gold. This means it will scratch a little easier than 14k gold. However, an important thing to note is that when gold is scratched, the gold is lost (and it looks like a scratch). When platinum is scratched, the platinum only gets moved from one place on the ring to another. And, it develops something called a patina finish (the look of an antique ring). A lot of people love and desire a patina finish!

One more benefit of platinum is that it is hypoallergenic. While gold rings do not create an allergy issue for most people, some can develop an allergic reaction from the nickel alloy used in gold rings.

We do this by directly matching jewelry purchases to people in communities to ensure our funding has a one-to-one impact. We also show you the exact GPS coordinates and a photo of the water well your ring or piece of jewelry helped fund.

As a small, 100% founder- and employee-owned team, one-to-one encounters are at the heart of our values. Whichever way you want support throughout your engagement ring or jewelry purchase process, our team is here to accommodate you.

From statement-making to understated, we have options at any price point. Plus, you always have our team on your side searching to bring you every stone within your specifications. We also offer 30-day returns and a limited lifetime warranty to cover you in the rare event of a manufacturing defect.

Drawing together timeless design with modern artistry, our collection of platinum diamond engagement rings offers you an exciting selection of unique rings, allowing you to find a design that speaks to love you share with your partner. Certain styles determine the overall silhouette and impact of your engagement ring, so take time to consider if a solitaire, pavé, halo, or trilogy design is the one for you. From a gently curving oval cut to the striking angles of a princess cut, choosing the diamond shape best suited to your relationship is a great way to make your ring feel personal, so be sure to check out our full range of gemstones. Our designers draw creative inspiration from all over to bring you a diverse range of platinum diamond engagement rings, so explore our full selection of design styles below.

Platinum is an incredibly rare precious metal, composed of 95% platinum and 5% other metals, sometimes known as alloys. Along with silver, palladium and gold, platinum is one of the four precious metals, and the most exclusive of them all. Platinum is both dense and malleable, making it an ideal metal for crafting jewellery.

Platinum rings are seen on the hands of a huge array of men and women across the globe. From pop stars to royalty, stars including Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Princess Beatrice and Pippa Middleton, don platinum engagement rings, enhancing their centre diamonds.

Over time, with everyday wear and tear, your engagement ring can accumulate dirt and grime in the crevices of the ring. However, a platinum engagement ring is easy to clean. There are multiple ways of cleaning jewellery, but the simplest way to clean your ring is to use a soft toothbrush. With a cup of warm water mixed with washing liquid, leave your ring to sit in the water for a few minutes. Then take a soft toothbrush and gently scrub the ring and gemstone, making sure to get all the dirt out of the grooves. After you are sure the ring is clean, rinse it in warm water and dry the ring with a lint-free cloth.

Platinum is heavier than gold, so if your engagement ring feels particularly heavy, this is a good indicator that your engagement ring is platinum. As one of the white precious metals, when compared to white gold, platinum has a slight grey appearance. White gold is usually plated with rhodium, which gives the metal a very bright, silvery white appearance. Platinum is more of a cool, icy grey, which when contrasted with a diamond, makes a beautiful combination for an engagement ring.

Throughout the years, platinum has come in and out of trend as our design eras have changed. Platinum is a very popular metal for vintage engagement rings. During the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movement, platinum was even more popular than it was today! Platinum would be moulded into feminine swirls and lacy filigree flows, combined with luscious gemstones that defined early twentieth century design.

Platinum and emeralds make a beautiful combination for an engagement ring, the combination of the forest green and cool grey is timeless. Sapphires look incredible up against platinum, their deep and vivid tones are perfectly showcased by the bright colour of platinum.

By agreeing to the policies below, you are consenting to Taylor & Hart, our partners and third party vendors using your personal data to provide our jewellery offerings, and to improve our services for you.

The beauty of platinum rings is that the naturally elegant white colour comes naturally to this pristine metal, unlike gold which is coloured to get the same look and feel platinum already provides. One of the best parts about a platinum engagement ring is that the natural white will keep its same look for generations to come. If you are looking to take a more nontraditional route, you can rest assured knowing the pure white colour will enhance the overall look of your chosen coloured gemstone. Whether you have your mindset on platinum sapphire engagement rings or platinum ruby engagement rings, the vibrant colour of the gemstone will shine like no other next to the refined natural white colour of platinum.

When platinum is in 90-95% of its pure form, it is considered a hypoallergenic metal. It is a great idea to have an engagement ring platinum band if you are prone to skin sensitivity. Hypoallergenic metals can provide you with the comfort of wearing your engagement ring all the time without having to worry about skin allergies, rashes, or allergic reactions. This is something to remember when considering platinum versus white gold engagement rings. White gold will often contain nickel, making it a non-hypoallergenic metal and it can cause significant skin irritation over time. If your significant other has any skin allergies, a platinum engagement ring may be the right choice for you.

Platinum engagement rings are of a higher value because of the longevity they provide, the quality they are made, and the rarity of the metal. Platinum engagement rings are also more often created with a pure form of metal. You can usually find platinum rings between 90%-95% in their pure form, unlike gold, which is often mixed with other metals to get the right colour and look. Gold is known to be a soft metal and more susceptible to tarnishing or normal wear and tear. For example, it is said that 14-karat gold only has 58% gold in the entire jewelry composition. This mixed metal makes it more prone to allergic reactions and creates an overall weaker metal. Platinum is also a heavier metal with the benefits needed to withstand wear and tear and have a higher-quality look for a more extended period of time. 041b061a72


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