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iPhone 8 Plus PUBG MOBILE Comparison: How Does It Stack Up Against Other Devices?

The game uses the same map and weapons as its PC counterpart, though the controls have been mapped for mobile play. Like Fortnite mobile released this week, PUBG mobile attempts to make the barrier for entry into battle royale games even lower. Be warned, the game will take a huge toll on your memory, on Android the file is 674 MB downloading from the Play Store.

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Following the Chinese publication deal for the Windows version, Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation additionally announced that they were planning on releasing two mobile versions based on the game in the country.[94][95] The first, PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield, is an abridged version of the original game, and was developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, an internal division of Tencent Games.[96] The second, PUBG: Army Attack, includes more arcade-style elements, including action taking place on warships, and was developed by Tencent's Timi Studio.[97] Both versions are free-to-play, and were released for Android and iOS devices on February 9, 2018.[98][99] The games had a combined total of 75 million pre-registrations, and ranked first and second on the Chinese iOS download charts at launch.[99] Following a soft launch in Canada, an English version of Exhilarating Battlefield, localized simply as PUBG Mobile, was released worldwide on March 19, 2018.[100][101][102] Following its release, a Korean and Japanese oriented version of the game released in June 2018, under the title name PUBG Mobile KR. A Vietnamese version, PUBG Mobile VN released in January 2019.

Within three days of going live on the Xbox Live Preview Program in mid-December 2017, Microsoft announced that Battlegrounds had sold more than a million copies on the platform. Alongside this, Microsoft announced that Battlegrounds would be offered as a free add-on for those buying the Xbox One X console through the end of 2017.[166] A month after release, the Xbox version had sold more than four million copies and was the fourth bestselling game in the United States, according to The NPD Group.[167][168] By March 2018, the game had sold forty million copies across all platforms, which had risen to over fifty million by June, averaging over 87 million players daily with over 400 million players in total.[169][170] The mobile version in particular had over 100 million downloads by August 2018,[171] and exceeded 225 million by October 2018,[172] a figure higher than the combined player base for Fortnite at nearly the same point in time. As of 2018, the bulk of these players were in Asian countries such as China and India, where PUBG Mobile was released before Fortnite and could run on lower-powered mobile hardware.[173][174] China has the game's largest player base.[172] PUBG was the most popular online game in India in 2018 (but it was banned by the government of India in 2020; see below).[175]

PUBG Mobile was the second most-downloaded mobile game of 2018, with nearly 300 million downloads worldwide. The game's largest market was China, which accounted for 29% of the game's downloads, followed by India and the United States each with about 10% (30 million) of its downloads. It was the most-installed battle royale game of 2018, with about 200 million more installs than Fortnite, which received 82 million installs on mobile devices.[181] As of 2019[update], PUBG Mobile has reached 555 million downloads worldwide, with India accounting 116 million (21%) of the downloads, China with 108 million (19%) downloads, and the United States with 42 million (8%) downloads.[180]

In March 2021, it was reported that PUBG Mobile has accumulated 1 billion downloads outside of China since launch.[190] As of December 2022[update], PUBG Mobile has grossed $9 billion worldwide,[191] while Battlegrounds Mobile India surpassed 100 million on Google Play store.[192] By the end of 2021, PUBG: Battlegrounds had an average of 70 million daily users.[193] After selling more than 75 million copies, the original PC and console game converted to free-to-play,[194] according to the Krafton's revenue report for the first quarter of 2022, free-to-play transition was the reason for increase in game's profit. PC sales have been increased by 61 percent for a revenue of $82.3 million. In gaming consoles, sales revenue have been increased by 274 percent over the last year, monthly active users also have been increased by almost 300 percent. PC and console version of the game has accumulated a total revenue of $4 billion since its release in 2017,[177][195][196][197][178] combined with the mobile version, PUBG: Battlegrounds has a total revenue of $13 billion.[191]

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PUBG for mobile phones can be downloaded for free from the App Store, offering us the game we had previously seen on Steam for other platforms, being able to play cross-platform from our iPhone. Here we're going to find everything that has turned this title into one of the most popular online shooting games at present:

Steam Mobile: While Valve's main video game distribution service focuses on Mac and PC games, this other service focuses on mobile games. Just download the app from the App Store to get started.

Seven years in and over a billion downloads, Pokémon GO remains one of the most popular mobile games of all time. Niantic and The Pokémon Company teamed up to combine all the fun and nostalgia of the classic Pokémon games with real-world data into a fun and addictive game that has continued to top the charts.


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