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Noah Foster
Noah Foster

Introduction To 64 Bit Windows Assembly Program...

I'm a complete beginner at Assembly, and my aim is to learn as much as I can to do with Assembly to one day I can reach expert level (I know I'm way off right now, but you never know). My only problem is this: I've got two books which both teach assembly, one on a Linux and the other on Windows. They are Jeff Duntemann's Assembly Language Step By Step (the linux one) and Introduction to 80x86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture (the windows version). If I want to get the best out of assembly, should I do this on linux and windows? Also, is the syntax the same on Windows and Linux or will I have teach my self again when learning on the other OS( which is my main concern, I want to be able to use assembly on windows and linux).

Introduction to 64 Bit Windows Assembly Program...

Well now you can! You will be provided with a "Virtual Shellcode Development Environment" that is designed to enable shellcode development across multiple platforms. Students will learn how to write shellcode for Linux, Mac 64-bit OSX and Windows. The development of the shellcode is presented using easy to learn techniques. Starting off with an introduction to different shellcoding techniques on each platform, an introduction to basic memory management and assembly, followed by creating simple shellcode to write to stdout and call functions. 041b061a72


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