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Alan Jackson - Country Boy (Official Music Video) Extra Quality

Cora, or who ever the hell you are, you are out of your damn mind! Alan Jackson has single handed for the last 25 years to save traditional country! Alan and George Strait after their gone there will be no more country music. If you cant tell the difference between real old school traditional country and Montgomery Gentry you should not say anything at all. God love Alan Jackson and the music he has created because after he is gone , so is country music!!

Alan Jackson - Country Boy (Official Music Video)

It will take more then Just one or two artiest (Tom Petty, Alan Jackson) complaining about the state of country radio to change things, Instead of loading your mp3 player of your favorite artiest and only listening to it. call you local radio station and request what you want to hear make them change if they get 100 calls a day requesting Rascal Flats and only one call a day for Johnny Cash then it no wonder why you never here more traditional music on the radio. lucky for me i live near a independent radio station that plays Blues,Bluegrass,Roots,Americana,Rockabilly,Red Dirt, and plats local artiest 98.3 the whip

Trigger i will say your right about it not working 99% of the time but grass roots has to start some were. sites like yours helps people find better choices then what clear channel tells us what to listen to but unless we push radio to play better artiest or a better mix of country styles it wont change. I only know about my experience with my local station but there has been a push of more red dirt music in the last couple of years cause people call and requesting it stared when the local dj started playing Kevin Fowler and it branched out from there. Its not perfect they still play 95% country pop crap but the other 5% is a push in the right way

Its amazing how some of you pick a handful of songs out of a 20 plus year career to judge an artist. Hell all the greats have had a few misses. Alan Jackson has been carrying the torch for traditional country music for a long time and is one of the few who has been able to stay traditional and maintain mainstream success. He seems like a stand up dude too, not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Give the guy credit where its due.

The current state of country music is horrible! With the shit they are putting on the radio now I just choose not to listen at all. I will say there are still a couple of artists that try to carry on the country flame easton Corbin josh turner but im about to puke with this miley cyrus sounding shit that is on the radio now

Alan released this song on his 2008 Good Time album and became his 25th career Number One. The music video is also pretty cool. Alan held a contest for fans to shoot their own video for the song and featured clips of those sent in on a TV in the Official Video he made for it.

Mr. Denise Jackson certainly has a knack for keeping romance alive through music and could easily put together a multi-disc greatest hits package of nothing but love songs. Still, 1998's "I'll Go on Loving You" was a bit of a departure for the singer-songwriter, as he starts the track with a sensuous spoken word introduction about "pleasures of the flesh." An even bigger of a step outside his country borders was a second, Portuguese version of the track, "Vou Seguir Te Amando," sung as a duet with Brazilian musician Leonardo.

Country music may have its roots in the United States, but its connection through heartfelt storytelling and beloved superstars knows no geographical boundaries. Liberty Games, a U.K.-based company that retails, distributes and designs game room equipment, recently conducted a study to ascertain which country artists are most listened-to in each country. 041b061a72


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