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DEAD & BURIED (1981,US) ...One of the larger budget films to get banned. DEAD & BURIED had completed a fairly successful run at UK cinemas and THORN/EMI were expecting equally good things for its video release. Unfortunately in the then hysterical climate Stan Winston's realistic gore fx were condidered beyond the pale. So this, one of the best horror movies from the early 80's disappeared from sight- until a slightly cut version was released post-VRA. (update- 02/08/99: The film has now been re-released completely uncut (bar one sound effect?!), on a budget label (4-front)- in the UK.)

Joe D E2 amato E2 Totally Uncut the Horror E...


TENEBRAE (1982,It) (aka TENBRE aka UNSANE) ...Dario Argento's brutal giallo, which gives a slight nod to the stalk-n-slash film (then) popular in US cinema. Someone is imitating the killings in a crime writers novels. Packed with the cruel and lush visuals that make the majority of his work such a treat. The version that was banned in England was, in fact, the same cut version that had played at British cinemas. ...There have recently been hopes for a legitimate re-release of TENEBRAE after SUSPIRIA was finally released widescreen and totally uncut, however it appears that the continuing position on what the BBFC sees as "sexualized violence" may prohibit this.

  • "); Andy Warhol's Frankenstein - 1973 Italian/French horror by Paul Morrissey. See Flesh for Frankenstein v The Anthropophagous Beast - 1980 Italian horrorby Joe D'Amato. var s_imgTag = ""; var s_thumbTag = "empty"; core_responsive_image(211,300,0,0.3, s_imgTag, s_thumbTag); X The Anthropophagous Beast Anthropophagous

  • Anthropophagous the Beast

  • Anthropophagus

  • Antropofago

  • The Beast Anthropophagous

  • The Grim Reaper

  • Man Eater

  • Man Beast

  • Savage Island

  • Gomia

  • Terror enel Mar Egeo

The Anthropophagous Beast is a 1980 Italian horror by Joe D'Amato. With Tisa Farrow, Saverio Vallone and Serena Grandi. Famously banned in the UK as a video nasty. The US R rated version is heavily cut and was also distributed in the UK. Released uncut in the UK on DVD and then Blu-rayin 2015. The Unrated Version in the US is uncut. Summary Review: Cult Classic Gruesome killing & cannibalism including stomping on the bellies of pregnant women so as to snack on their fetuses. As afinale, the beast dies after eating his own intestines.

Availability An uncut VHS was released by Video Film Promotions in February 1983. It was listed as a video nastyin November 1983 and stayed listed throughout the scare, so became one of the collectable DPP39s. A cut VHS version was then released on the Videoshack label to try and exploit the video nasty status, but it didn't sell well. However this did make ita rarity and therefore a challenge for collectors. The heavily cut US R Rated version, The Grim Reaper was passed by the BBFC in 2002 . Passed 18 uncut on DVD in 2015. Current UK status: Passed 18 uncut UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong gory violence, horror for: 041b061a72


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