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Moosend Plans

Overall, Moosend is a powerful email marketing automation platform that provides a range of tools and features for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly interface, flexible pricing plans, and advanced features make it an attractive choice for businesses that want to engage with their customers and drive growth through email marketing.

moosend plans

Overall, Moosend is an ideal choice for businesses that want to engage with their customers and drive growth through email marketing. Its user-friendly interface, flexible pricing plans, and advanced features make it an attractive choice for businesses that want to create, send, and manage email campaigns without needing to have advanced technical knowledge or design skills.

Overall, Moosend provides a range of features and tools to help businesses create, send, and manage effective email campaigns. Its user-friendly interface, flexible pricing plans, and advanced features make it an attractive choice for businesses that want to engage with their customers and drive growth through email marketing.

Affordable pricing: Moosend offers a range of pricing plans that are designed to fit a variety of business needs and budgets. Its pricing plans are affordable and flexible, making it an attractive choice for small businesses and startups.

The free email marketing plan is for up to 500 subscribers and allows you to send up to 15,000 emails each month. Compared to the paid plans, the free plan comes with most of the same features, just in limited quantity.

Something that sets GetResponse apart from the rest, however, is that they offer pretty significant discounts on their paid plans for NGOs and charities. If your organization works in the third sector, GetResponse may be a good email marketing solution for you. ?

ActiveCampaign is another top-notch email marketing tool. Their plans come chalk-full of features not just limited to email marketing but also sales and customer service suites. All plans include access to marketing automation, unlimited email sending, drag and drop editor, 125 email templates, segmentation, subscription forms, and site tracking.

Tracking features such as opens & clicks, bounces, unsubscribes & complaints, page visits, product views, carts & purchases, custom events, predicted location & demographics, and predicted weather analytics are available with all plans- both the free plan, and paid ones.

The same goes with reporting & insights. Features such as Real-Time Reporting & Analytics, Google Analytics Tracking, Email Heatmap Analytics, Geography & Device Reporting, Spam Analysis, A/B Testing, and SPAM Testing come with all plans.

All three plans, Moosend Free Trial, Moosend Pro, and Moosend Enterprise offer a knowledgebase, email support, and chat support. However, having an account manager and priority support team is only possible with their Enterprise plan.

Nothing, really. Except that the whitelabel functionality currently has some holes that need to be filled. I was assured though that they have lots of changes lined up in this regard. So I'm just patiently waiting for those to be implemented. If they nail the pricing structure on those plans as well, Moosend will be the PERFECT solution for both agencies as well as individuals.

Moosend is an email marketing and automation platform that was founded in 2012. Due to its advanced rich features and affordable pricing plans moosend getting popular among internet marketers.

Infact, moosend offers the most simple and easy to use email marketing automation. Users can either create their own automation workflow or use one of the tried-and-true automation workflows that Moosend provides.

If the information that we did come across is indeed true and what you will be earning even when you start being an affiliate for the brand is 30% recurring out of all the plans purchased by your audience, this is by far the most significant advantage you can expect.

If you are not familiar with Sitecore Send (Moosend) it is an email marketing platform that automates repetitive tasks, so marketers can focus on building client relationships. It has an intuitive interface for designing emails and measuring campaigns without coding or web design experience needed. Sitecore Moosend currently offers three plans Free, Pro and Enterprise, so you can sign up for a free account today and go check it out.

Step 7: On this screen, it will show you the option to enter the moosend coupon code. Copy Bloggernseed10 and enter it in the coupon box and click Apply.

As we stated earlier, Moosend is the right choice for a small to a medium-sized subscriber list owner who wishes to experiment with the different facilities provided by the enterprise level ESPs such as GetResponse, Adestra, Aweber, Marketo, Hubspot. While the limitation of 1000 subscribers can be a minor roadblock but features are a great motivator to shift towards paid plans. We had used the free plan to understand the workings of this ESP, and now we are inclined to become customers.

Email marketing has become an essential part of any business strategy, allowing companies to connect with their customers and prospects in a highly targeted and personalized way. Moosend is an email marketing and automation platform that has gained popularity among businesses of all sizes due to its user-friendly interface, robust features, and cost-effective pricing plans. With Moosend, businesses can create, send, and automate email campaigns with ease, whether they are promoting a new product, sending a newsletter, or following up with leads.

Businesses use Moosend for a variety of email marketing use cases, including:E-commerce: E-commerce businesses use Moosend to send promotional emails, cart abandonment emails, order confirmation emails, and product recommendation emails to their customers.Non-profit organizations: Non-profit organizations use Moosend to send newsletters, fundraising emails, and donation campaigns to their supporters.Event marketing: Event organizers use Moosend to promote their events, send event invitations, and follow up with attendees after the event.Content marketing: Businesses that use content marketing use Moosend to send newsletters, blog updates, and content upgrades to their subscribers.Lead nurturing: Businesses use Moosend to create automated email sequences that nurture leads and move them further down the sales funnel.How many emails can I send with Moosend?Moosend offers unlimited email sending for all of its pricing plans, including the Free Trial, Pro, and Enterprise plans. This means that you can send as many emails as you want to your subscribers without any additional charges or restrictions.However, Moosend has a fair usage policy that ensures that all users send emails responsibly and in compliance with anti-spam laws. If you send a high volume of emails or experience high bounce rates, spam complaints, or unsubscribes, Moosend may investigate and take necessary action to protect its email deliverability rates.

Mailtrap also has six different subscription tiers for Email Testing: free, individual, team, business, premium, and enterprise. The paid plans allow buying additional emails as well as using dedicated IPs (starting from the Business plan) and offer up to 5M+ emails per month, 60-day email logs, and 1K accounts at a custom price.

SendPulse is, and you can take advantage of the free plans for web push notifications (up to 10,000 subscribers) and Facebook Messenger (up to 10,000 messages/month) to use it as a multi-channel platform for the price of email alone.

AcyMailing offers a free plan with no limitations to the number of users, sent emails, and integrations. This covers basic needs and provides a great way to give this plugin a try and test its features, before upgrading to one of its paid plans eventually.

Price: ActiveCampaign offers three plans. However, the price depends on the number of contacts. The basic plan for 500 contacts starts at $9 per month and goes up to $149/month for the Professional plan. The more contacts you have, the higher the pricing will be.

Price: There are two premium plans by SendInBlue. However, the pricing of both plans varies depending on the volume. For the cheapest option, the price starts at $25/month for 20,000 emails.

Price: GetResponse offers a free plan that is ideal for up to 500 contacts. However, the features are limited in the free plan. The paid subscriptions start at $15.58. Depending on your needed features, you can choose between its three paid plans.

If you are overwhelmed with the options and need our suggestions, we recommend trying ActiveCampgain and HubSpot. You can also opt for free plans to test which email marketing tool is ideal and best caters to your needs.

MailerLite provides a full-featured free plan which is good for micro-businesses or bloggers looking to grow their subscriber list. Larger businesses and those who need more sophisticated automation and reporting will need to consider a paid version. The MailerLite paid plans also have email and chat support 24/7.

Simple but effective, ActiveCampaign features all of the usual bells and whistles plus some great advanced reporting features. ActiveCampaign offers four different price plans ranging from $9 per month to $229 a month based on 500 subscribers. Plans are paid annually.

Created in 1995, Constant Contact has been a player for a long time now. It has everything Moosend has basically, plus customer surveys. It has four pricing plans, starting from $10 for just the landing page builder, through $20 for 500 email contacts albeit without email automation, $45 for 500 contacts but with email automation, finally ending on $195 for the Enterprise plan

You have access to four different plans with a 30-day trial. With Basic, you are offered a single sales funnel, unlimited landing pages and templates, autoresponders, and can sell your e-products. It costs $15 per month after the trial period ends. 041b061a72


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